Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Silence of the Lambs

This week's integration build features the new Eclipse splash screen. For the first time, the splash shows the release train name, Europa, instead of the Eclipse SDK version.

The next release of Eclipse will be referred to the 'Europa release of Eclipse', not Eclipse 3.3. The other 18 projects participating in the Europa release will also be referred to as the 'Europa release of ...'.

Since the quality/reputation of the Europa brand will be a function of the quality of each participating project, it is as important as ever for all participating projects to have as solid a contribution as that of the always-rock-solid Eclipse Platform.

Will that happen? Are all projects focusing on robustness and quality? are there projects that may be compromising on robustness by trying to simultaneously solve all the problems in their space, instead of concentrating on a smaller subset of the more important problems?

That's what has been keeping me up tonight.

O doctor, when will the lambs stop screaming?

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Anonymous said...

I want my Eclipse with fava beans and rice ;)