Friday, December 15, 2006

Goodbye Janek, Goodbye Roach

After 20 months of amazing productivity and a long list of noteworthy achievements, today was sadly Janek Lasocki-Biczysko's last day on the PDE team.

Instead of joining the work force, Janek decided to take time off after graduation to travel and then go back to school for more knowledge.

In his fourth year at the University of Toronto, Janek has been working on a project called 'Interfacing with video games through a third party'. Janek chose the Madagascar hissing cockroach as the player in his experiment. The Madagacar cockroach is a bonafide movie star, having appeared in the movie Bug and all. So naturally, one would expect the roach to be difficult to work with. It is like trying to direct a demanding diva like Jennifer Lopez.

But Janek stuck by his star. They had their ups and downs over the past few months and the project finally came to an end.

Enjoy the world premiere of Janek's roach video.

All the best, Janek.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Wassim,
I had a great time working for PDE. Hopefully you guys will still let me fix a bug now and then. As for the roach.. lets never speak of that foul creature again.

m0 said...

Ah Janek, I remember him :) Nice video on the roaches :) I wonder what you did with them after you completed your capstone :~

Traveling would be the best thing to do after University. I would do the same, but only for the summer :)