Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Bucket List

Here are a few random entries on my bucket list:

#54: Lunch with Paula Abdul
I would like to try to figure out what exactly is wrong with her and possibly counsel her.

#8: An elephant ride through the streets of India

#23: Co-invent with Chris Aniszczyk something cooler than Gamma and Beck's JUnit
The invention has to be done on a plane because apparently that's where JUnit was invented.

#39: Appear as a mystery guest on a webinar
Looks like I will be able to check this item off my list this Tuesday.

I will be joining Chris and Brian on their upcoming Plug-in Development webinar.

I agreed to join the webinar based on two conditions:
1. I can interject with humorous/hilarious comments any time I want.
2. I demand Evian water in my dressing room.

During the first half of the webinar, as Brian and Chris go through their presentation slides, I will be answering questions submitted by the audience in real time. Just so you know, I worked on PDE for a thousand years, so I defy anyone to ask a question I can't answer ;)

There will be a lively Q&A at the end where you can expect more hilarious/humorous comments.

It should be a good time. So if you are not watching "The View" at that time of day, join us!