Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pound For Pound

In a recent interview, in reference to the Eclipse Platform team, Mike Milinkovich was quoted as saying: "...pound for pound, I think it's one of the best software engineering teams on the planet."

While I certainly agree with Mike that we, the Platform team, have collectively gained some weight over the past few years (as it was evident at EclipseCon2007 last week), I still found it inappropriate for him to announce that fact in a press release.

One could argue that the Eclipse Foundation is partly responsible for that. At EclipseCon, they threw an awesome party for the committers and the community where almost $3,000 worth of carbs was consumed past 10 pm. According to the genius Dr Phil, you should not eat past 7 pm.

Also, have you heard of those things called 'cookies'? They are delicious!

I, for one, am really trying. I work out every day (as Wayne would attest), have gone completely off dairy this week and plan to eat a plum for breakfast every morning starting next Monday.

One would hope that the Eclipse Foundation would stand by us in thinness and in fat.


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Pound for pound, the platform team probably gained the most weight during EclipseCon ;)

Lynn Gayowski said...

Quoting Mike Milinkovich and Dr. Phil in one post - you're a true renaissance man.