Saturday, June 16, 2007

PDE Does Heidelberg

En route to Zurich in our recent PDE tri-continent tour, Chris insisted on staying in the German town of Heidelberg. I believe his exact words were: "If we don't go to Heidelberg, I am going to die." So we went :)

It was a nice university town with a lot of young people walking around. It had a big castle and much like every other European town I have been to, "a river runs through it."

After a week of eating and no exercise in India, we worked out at the hotel gym and then went on a nice jog along the river.

"Free" Internet in Germany
Later that night, we both needed internet access. I wanted to fix a regression, and Chris wanted to see what every person on Earth is up to on Facebook.

Instead of paying 20 Euros/person for internet access at the hotel, Chris suggested we walk to one of the restaurants/bars downtown Heidelberg where we can enjoy a nice frosty beverage and where the "internet is free." I had my doubts about anything being free, but Chris had been there before and he knows everything, so we walked.

The rain started pouring and we had no umbrella, yet we kept walking. 25 minutes in the rain later, we got to a bar. We sat down to enjoy the free internet, and here is a picture of a very wet Chris looking perplexed when he realized that nothing is free in the world today.

As we walked back, a defensive Chris kept saying "But it was free last time. It was free". In a patronizing tone, I kept replying: "I am sure it was, Chris. I am sure it was."


Simon Archer said...

Next time you'll go to Star Coffee, where wifi is free. It's true, I promise... I read it on the internet.

Michael Scharf said...

...or you should have come to me -- I live just about 10 minutes walk from Perkeo, where you tried to get free Internet....


Lynn Gayowski said...

More wet t-shirt photos requested.