Monday, July 23, 2007

PDE Does BugDay

I am so filled with the joy of BugDay that I cannot contain it. BugDay takes place this Friday and I am hoping that it will serve to prove that contributing to Eclipse is not that hard.

Bugs in the Bugzilla inbox come in varying degrees of difficulty. Whatever your Eclipse level is, you should be able to find a suitable bug and fix it in one day.

In the PDE/UI inbox, we have flagged 15 bugs with the bugday keyword. A few have already been addressed because we have keeners in the community who could not wait until Friday ;)

Take a look at the bugs and claim the one you like. If you see something that is not flagged and you want to do it, by all means go ahead and claim it. If there is a bug that bothers you for which there is no bug report open, report the bug and fix it.

In addition to getting credit in the bug report and the code, PDE is offering an extra incentive.
We are planning to add pictures of BugDay contributors to our Committers page. We have one guideline though: The picture must have a leafy background and/or a background depicting patio furniture.

July 27
Friday is my day off, but I plan to work to make sure we have a successful BugDay. A big thanks to Chris for organizing this event.

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