Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Bucket List

Here are a few random entries on my bucket list:

#54: Lunch with Paula Abdul
I would like to try to figure out what exactly is wrong with her and possibly counsel her.

#8: An elephant ride through the streets of India

#23: Co-invent with Chris Aniszczyk something cooler than Gamma and Beck's JUnit
The invention has to be done on a plane because apparently that's where JUnit was invented.

#39: Appear as a mystery guest on a webinar
Looks like I will be able to check this item off my list this Tuesday.

I will be joining Chris and Brian on their upcoming Plug-in Development webinar.

I agreed to join the webinar based on two conditions:
1. I can interject with humorous/hilarious comments any time I want.
2. I demand Evian water in my dressing room.

During the first half of the webinar, as Brian and Chris go through their presentation slides, I will be answering questions submitted by the audience in real time. Just so you know, I worked on PDE for a thousand years, so I defy anyone to ask a question I can't answer ;)

There will be a lively Q&A at the end where you can expect more hilarious/humorous comments.

It should be a good time. So if you are not watching "The View" at that time of day, join us!


Noam Chitayat said...

"I would like to try to figure out what exactly is wrong with her and possibly counsel her."

Why is it that you always think there is something wrong with people, but you never know exactly what it is? :)

Wassim Melhem said...

Noam, don't act like I am making this stuff up. You have seen her on American Idol.


syed said...

Am I too late for the Webinar? a quick question, where would you recommend a new PDE developer get started? I've started reading tutorials online but any info you can give me would be great.
Wouldn't you rather spend time counseling Simon? He seems to have quite a few more issues then her.

Wassim Melhem said...

Syed, this would be a good start:

syed said...

Much appreciated.