Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Passage to Dubai

After 20 months of happy employment at Embarcadero, I resigned last week from my position as Program Manager for Java and SQL Developer products to pursue a new job opportunity. May 8 is my last day.

My tenure at Embarcadero was action-packed. Product deliverables every six months, travel to interesting destinations and working on cool technology with some of the best and brightest.

All good things come to an end though.

The New Job

On May 25, I start a new job as a project manager at Infusion Development, a position that is a complete 180 in several aspects:

  • I am relocating to Dubai.

  • Consulting. No products.

  • No Eclipse. All about Microsoft.

Of course, the main mandate continues to be to manage large distributed development teams and deliver quality software on time and on budget. That is what I do (and do well ;).

From Toronto to Dubai

I have always wanted to work in the middle east, given the right opportunity. I am originally from the region, speak the language and do enjoy the larger-than-life things that Dubai has to offer.

If it all goes well, the plan is to relocate to Dubai by the end of summer. My place of residence is yet to be decided, but I am thinking I will get an apartment in one of these buildings:

From Eclipse to .Net

The fact that my new job has nothing to do with Eclipse had drawn interesting reactions from my Eclispe-loving circle of friends. Reactions ranged from a simple "wtf?" to Nick Boldt's more eloquent "But Eclipse has been good to you, and you have been good for Eclipse."

That is certainly true. Eclipse is a great technology, the Eclipse community is passionate and being an Eclipse committer has been an honor. But after 10 years, maybe the time has come for Eclipse and I to start seeing other people ;)

Just Deserts

To chronicle my new life in Dubai, my blog will need a new name. After much deliberation and research, I came up with a clever name: "Just Deserts."

You see it's clever because it's like "Just Desserts" (the famous dessert restaurant chain), but with one less S. Get it? :)

Onward and Upward

Thank you, Embarcadero. Thank you, Eclipse.
Here's to the next chapter and the Dubai adventure...


Andrei Spitelnicu said...

On May 8th Embarcadero will lose one of its best (and most overpaid) QA and the best PGM ever.

I personally want to thank for giving me the opportunity of learning a lot of things from you and also want to wish you good luck (that of course you don’t need) on your new job.

I think we all feel like we’ve been working with you since forever, even though it’s only been one year and a half (maybe because you never slept during this period:) ).

Everyone will miss you because you were a great leader and above all a great friend for us all. Take care!

P.S. I can come visit you in Dubai at anytime you want to, as long as you pay for it:)

Tom said...

Wow. I've always dreamed about getting employed in Dubai. I hope you have a lot of fun with .NET and Dubai.

Ancuta Morarasu said...

The "Wassim period" was a great period at Embarcadero. Just to mention some of the regular activities: saving products, releasing new products in less than 6 months, adding vision and passion to every piece of work.
You were always in good spirits, with great energy, even though I still don't know if you ever sleep :).
You are a great inspiration and you will never be forgotten.

Best of luck Wassim in your new adventure!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Wassim. Hope that you find what you are looking for.

Simona said...

It was a pleasure and a great opportunity working with you during your happy employment at Embarcadero.
I’ve learned a lot from the best PGM ever.

Ed Merks said...

Just deserts hey? May the fleas of a thousand camels find other armpits in which to rest.

Kim Moir said...

Congratulations and good luck Wassim! Today you're the unpredictable one :-)

Marius Papara said...

Wassim, you practically raised an entire generation here in Embarcadero. You shaped and polished a lot of people. Everyone will remember the tall man with glasses that replied to emails faster than Outlook could refresh the Inbox 05:00 AM.

Thank you for your understanding.
I hope we cross paths again.

PS: Whenever you get tired of skyscrapers, artificial beaches and sky resorts in the desert, feel free to drop by.

Donald Smith said...

Congrats! I've spent some time in Dubai myself and absolutely relished every single second, you are doing a very wise thing and don't doubt yourself for a second.

Enjoy, enjoy - enjoy!

- Don

Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

You're my hero!

Mohamed Mansour said...

Oh my! Very good job Wassim :) I thought you were joking with the Microsoft stuff !

They are lucky to have you there! Awesome weather 24/7, expensive cities :p

Darin Swanson said...

Cool adventure and opportunity.

Keep livin' it man!