Friday, February 15, 2008

PowerSQL to the Developers, FrEDCon2008
Before Eclipse was called Eclipse, names that were considered included 'eBAF' (eBusiness Application Framework) and 'FrED'. I don't remember what 'ED' stood for anymore, but I am pretty sure that 'Fr' stood for Framework.

Have you booked your flight to eBAF2008 yet? :)

A Powerful Name
The new Eclipse-based product that I have been leading since I joined Embarcadero is set to be released the week of March 17 at EclipseCon2008. The beta was made available today.
PowerSQL is the name.

The Pert Plus Phenomenon
My favorite invention of the last 100 years is, by far, shampoo-and-conditioner 2-in-1. Forget the microwave. Forget the crantini.

PowerSQL follows the lead from Pert Plus. You will be able to do cross-platform database development (Oracle, DB2 LUW, Sybase, MS SQL, Generic JDBC) all in one IDE.

Off the Cutting Room Floor

My team of developers ventured in the area of marketing recently and attempted to come up with ads for PowerSQL. The production value is very high.


Donald Smith said...

The funny thing is I'm sure the geek in all of us looked at the Santa Clause ad and thought of ways to make the SQL better :)

Prakash G.R. said...

Santa Ad was funny. Nice one

syed said...

Haven't tried the beta yet. From your description it seems like the tool is meant, mainly, for big development houses where there are many different Databases that developers have to work with. Is there any value in it for companies that are based on a single db vendor? Will give the beta a spin.

Wassim Melhem said...

Syed, from simple student needs to industrial-strength corporate settings, PowerSQL is the right tool for the SQL job.

Greg Nerpouni said...

Syed, I am the product manager for PowerSQL, and your question is a good one - PowerSQL is a great product to use for SQL productivity gains in a single platform shop, and it scales easily to meet the needs of the larger shops requring seemless cross-platform support. I am looking forward to any feedback you have on the beta!

syed said...

I apologize for using your blog like a forum, I had a question regarding PowerSQL, and it might be a feature you guys had in mind, Can it be used to generate the persistence layer using Hibernate? I mean since you guys allow connections to many databases it makes sense to allow people to create the persistence layer as well. Something like

Christopher Daniel said...

were you able to figure out what 'FrED' means?

Wassim Melhem said...

"Framework for eTools Development" is my best guess :)