Friday, March 14, 2008

The Joy of EclipseCon

I am so filled with the joy of EclipseCon that I cannot contain it.

There Will Be Blood

On Tuesday, the PDE team is hosting its annual soiree. The evening starts with a PDE State of the Union, followed by a heated debate of today's most controversial plug-in development issues.
As opposed to other sessions that may put you to sleep, the PDE soiree is guaranteed to be an hour and a half of solid entertainment. To make things interesting, this year we will be using a new format: All debates will be settled with a duel, like in colonial times. Failing that, we will resort to a dance-off.

To Market, To Market

With the official release of PowerSQL scheduled for next week at EclipseCon, the ad competition is heating up. As you walk around our Toronto office these days, it is not uncommon to see motivational desktop wallpapers like this one. :)


Ian Bull said...

Rub it in... not all of us can make EclipseCon this year. There better be some live blogging from the soiree, or maybe I participate via IRC.

Kim Moir said...

I look forward to seeing the PDE duels on youtube.

Ed Merks said...

Wassim, people accuse me of being competitive, but that's just so not true. However, I'd like to point out that Mega Modeling Mania has far more committers attending, so the diversity of the blood sport is bound to be more exciting.

We'd like to challenge the modeling unbelievers to a grudge match. When we've crushed the dissenters who show up, we'll consider storming some other BoFs. So after your internal

Wassim Melhem said...

Ed, the Mega Modeling Mania is 20 men over the age of 30 sitting around discussing how "the model of a model is a model" for 90 minutes. Then, they end with a floral slide show.

Will there be knitting as well?

Give me a break :)

Ed Merks said...

Wassim, you misjudge the diversity of our oh so diverse group; the age range is much broader than you assert. Indeed our interests are also diverse and knitting, though not likely to be a topic of discussion may well be one of them.

I'll give you a break all right! Just let me know what we should break (so we can model it first) and we'll break it well!!

Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...


Chris Aniszczyk (zx) said...

Wassim, you're the Billy Blanks of the SQL world.

Darin Swanson said...

Amazing...all those trips to Europe have really buffed you up. Doping scandal? We expect to see you out running for the EclipseCon Exercise with a body like that!